Committee Members Meetings

The committee members will participate in two formal meetings per year.  The outcomes of these meetings are to be reported to the AEOCCG and onto the NCEOS and EOS Working Group, providing recommendations pertaining to Marine Remote Sensing.

There will be opportunities for networking and ad-hoc meetings with a dinner organised on one evening for interested participants.

HIMAWARI8 RGB Image of Australia. Image provided by Bureau of Meteorology.

Symposium & Workshop

At least once a year a symposium with a strong university, research, and student focus will be conducted, usually the day following the committee members' meeting.

The symposium will provide a forum for students and researchers to showcase their work utilising remote sensing for areas within estuaries through to the open ocean.  

This symposium will include a workshop to provide an avenue for users, key stakeholders and management agencies to pose questions to the remote sensing specialist.  It is intended to bring diverse marine researchers together to work on understanding complex interactions within the marine environment.

A key output of this will be academic journal articles, publications, case studies and useful products and potential services.


The first committee meeting will be held on the back of the IMOS 2017 Annual Planning Meeting at the University of Western Australia, Perth. 

Future meeting locations are yet to be determined; the committee members will consider the option of hosting the meeting at a different location each time.  This approach may provide a regional context and the opportunity to engage with stakeholders in the local area.

The meeting location will be determined with plenty of notice to enable participants to plan in advance.

Meeting Date Host Location
3 March 2018 TBD TBD
2 October 2017 TBD TBD
1 February 2017 IMOS 2017 Annual Planning Meeting at the University of Western Australia, Perth Perth, WA