This activity is currently on hold

Over the previous Whole of Community Meetings (across 2015-2016) the need for establishing an EO conference or symposium has repeatedly been discussed and supported.  In that time we have seen several smaller self-financed conferences run in this space and several large scale conferences as well.

If we are going to progress the Australian EO Conference, we as a community need to work out how and who will do it!  It does seem like a lot of us have said yes we need to – so let’s move it forward!

We held an initial discussion on Friday, 20 May 2016, the following items were disucssed: 

Items to be Covered

  • Determine a suitable format for an Australian EO Conference and is this possible?,
  • Aim of conference,
  • Committee responsibilities and finances,
  • Draft Terms of Reference,
  • Proposed timeline and process.


  • Formation of an Australian (Asia-Pacific?) EO Meeting Committee and
  • Terms of Reference for 2017 Conference.

if you are interested in progressing this initiative and contributing please complete the form below and indicate if you are willing to take on any key roles:

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