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aeoccg Whole of Community Meeting #10


Time Zone     (UTC/GMT+10:00) Brisbane AEST
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Presented by Commonwealth and State Government EO Program Directors and Staff, CSIRO EO Program Directors, CRC Si, University researchers, Private Industry and Non-government groups.

For our second whole of community webinar discussion for 2016 we will focus on:

  • The  process of establishing an  Australian EOS Community Plan, including an Australian Earth Observations from Space Infrastructure Blueprint,
  • Inclusion of airborne and remotely piloted airborne imaging,
  • Discussion of Australia’s role(s) in GEO.

In addition we will obtain updates on:

  • Australian Government Earth Observation from Space Working Group (Geoscience Australia, Bureau of Meteorology, Geoscience Australia),
  • CEOS Australian activities for 2016,
  • International and national EO progress,
  • Developing Government-Research Industry Partnerships to reduce risk.

We will also have updates prior to and during the meeting on other key activities across public, private and research sectors, including - engagement activities at national and International levels, conferences and support groups, and key capabilities.

As usual, information on the major topics to be covered will be provided prior to the meeting and we will have the opportunity to comment on and discuss how to take these items forward during the meeting.

If you do have any critical items you would like emailed to the national list (> 300 people) or presented at the meeting – please let us know ASAP!

Registration is not required for this webinar.  On the day of the presentation, please click on the link above and enter the meeting as a guest. 

System Requirements & Connectivity

Audio will be via a VOIP connection, please be sure to have a headset or appropriate speakers connected to listen to the stream and a microphone to participate in Q&A.  Please ensure you test your equipment prior to the webinar commencing.

This webinar will be managed via the University of Queensland using Adobe Connect software.  Please refer to the following resources:

If you are joining the webinar on your mobile device, please download appropriate app: