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Accessing AusCover Data

Technical Capacity Building Webinar


Presented by Peter Scarth (Joint Remote Sensing Research Program)

Time Zone     (UTC/GMT+10:00) Brisbane AEST
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Have you ever wondered how to access some of the AusCover remotely sensed data which is available on the NCI using some of the available web services directly within your analysis environment?

This webinar will give several examples using both the virtual desktop infrastructure as well as direct access using opendap on thredds where you'll be able to query and directly interact with Himawari and Landsat datasets in both iPython notebooks and in GIS packages.

By the end of the webinar, you’ll be able to discover some of the many data sets openly availableon the NCI and query them using web services.

Registration is not required for this webinar.  On the day of the presentation, please click on the link above and enter the meeting as a guest.

System Requirements & Connectivity

Audio will be via a VOIP connection, please be sure to have a headset or appropriate speakers connected to listen to the stream and a microphone to participate in Q&A.  Please ensure you test your equipment prior to the webinar commencing.

This webinar will be managed via the University of Queensland using Adobe Connect software.  Please refer to the following resources:

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