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Whole of Community Meeting

Advancing AEOCCG &
Implementing The Australian EO Community Plan


Time Zone     (UTC/GMT+10:00) Brisbane AEST
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Towards the close of 2016 we saw the successful launch of the Australian Earth Observation Community Plan 2026 (AEOCP).  The plan has been well received across the private and public sectors and we are now moving into the implementation phase. 

Implementing the AEOCP requires the formal establishment of AEOCCG operations, governance, funding, and a path to becoming an independently funded private-public entity. This will also link closely with directions in  the forthcoming NCRIS Research Infrastructure Roadmap and National Innovation and Science Agenda.

At this whole of community meeting we would like to present and discuss a  process to formally establish the AEOCCG and implement the AEOCP, and then move forward to implementation.

The following is the outline for the proposed process:

  1. Convene a group to establish and implement revised AEOCCG and AEOCP Implementation Terms of Reference and Governance.
  2. Establish revised terms of reference, positions, and operational plan for the AEOCCG.
  3. Implement revised terms of reference, positions, and operational plan for the AEOCCG.
  4. AEOCCG steering committee operations.
  5. Funding group operations.
  6. AEOCP implementation group operations.

Please look over the web-sites for these two organisations, which may represent the end points of what we need AEOCCG and AEOCP to do:

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System Requirements & Connectivity

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Audio will be via a VOIP connection, please be sure to have a headset or appropriate speakers connected to listen to the stream and a microphone to participate in Q&A.  Please ensure you test your equipment prior to the webinar commencing.

This webinar will be managed via the University of Queensland using Adobe Connect software.  Please refer to the following resources:

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