Queensland DSITI: Scientist (Remote Sensing)

Science, Information Technology and Innovation
Land Surface Sciences; Science Delivery; Science; Dutton Park

The purpose of the role is to analyse, interpret and integrate satellite and airborne data, digital spatial data and quantitative field information. You will also assist with research to develop the methods to map and monitor landscape attributes such as land use, selected land management practices, vegetation and groundcover.

Closing Date:  21 Sept 2017

Earth Observation (Research and Operational) Infrastructure

Building on the EO research infrastructure seminar we held in Canberra in May, and thanks to further impacts of our 10 year Australian EO Community Plan with support from other NCRIS facilities and lead agencies (Geoscience Australia, Bureau of Meteorology, CSIRO), Earth Observation in Australia (Terrestrial, Atmospheric, Marine and solid Earth) across research and operational areas is at a turning point towards establishing a significantly expanded set of national capabilities.

Thanks to everyone who helped us develop a submission outlining Australia’s current EO research infrastructure and steps for how we could build this to more effective system as part of the National Research Infrastructure Roadmap and Investment Planning processes, 2017-2027. The attached PDF summarises the process and the information we have provided to the department running this process. We hope to hear outcomes from this in November this year.

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Let's make earth observation/remote sensing count in Australia's Space Capability Review - which is on now!

As most of you know we have a unique opportunity to directly influence how our country will or will not invest in Earth observation in Australia over the next 5-10 years through the current Review of Australia’s Space Industry Capability.

The AEOCCG submitted a response to the request for comments on the “Issues” Paper and its three main principles for the review, which will direct how the government invests in space activities, including earth observation.

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