GlobeLand30 Paper Competition for Students and Young Scientists – ISPRS2016

GlobleLand30, the world's first high-resolution (30 m) and multi-temporal (2000/2010) global land cover datasets, is a valuable open-access data source for research and applications in remote sensing and spatial information science (SIS) related fields and societal beneficial areas. In particular, for students and young professionals, who often have limited resources during their studies and early stages of career, GlobeLand30 can be crucial to the success of their studies and work. In order to promote global land cover related RS and SIS research and applications, ISPRS TC VI has proposed a GlobeLand30 Theme Session during the 2016 ISPRS Congress in Prague. The objective of the proposed GlobeLand30 Theme Session is to provide an interdisciplinary platform for researchers in related areas to present the latest developments and applications, to discuss cutting-edge technologies, to exchange research ideas and to promote international collaboration on global land cover mapping, monitoring and applications. In addition, a paper competition is also proposed for students or young scientists who are the first author of papers submitted to the GlobeLand30 Theme Session. Sponsored by Beijing GEOWAY Software Co. Ltd., a First Prize award of 1,500 Euros and two Second Prize awards of 1,000 Euros will be presented to the winners of the paper competition. Submitted papers will be reviewed by TC II, TC IV, TC VI and TC VIII according to the topics.


The applicant should be a student or young scientist (35 years old or younger) and the first author of a paper submitted to the GlobeLand30 Theme Session. The paper should be related to GlobeLand30 in one or more aspects and demonstrate original thinking. The applicant must also present the accepted paper in the XXIII ISPRS Congress in Prague. Suggested topics for the GlobeLand30 Theme Session include (but not limited to):

  • Methodology of global land cover mapping and monitoring
  • Validation of GlobeLand30 data
  • Quality assessment methods, processing, and implementation for global land cover data
  • Data uncertainty issues related to GlobeLand30 and other global land cover datasets
  • Comparison and fusion of GlobeLand30 data with other global land cover products and geo-spatial datasets
  • Applications using GlobeLand30 data
  • Internet-based processing and services of GlobeLand30 data
  • Societal impacts of GlobeLand30 data and applications


  • 1st Prize:  1,500 Euros(max. 1 award)
  • 2nd Prize: 1,000 Euros (max. 2 awards)


Please contact Prof. Fuan Tsai
ISPRS2016 Prague