Launch and Implementation of Australia's Earth Observation Community Plan !

Launch of The Australian Earth Observation Community Plan !

As one of the side events for the CEOS Plenary in Brisbane we launched the Plan through a presentation delivered at the STEMx event and the Plan is now live.  Please distribute this far and wide and let people know it is in place and that we are now starting to implement its Priorities!  

What was the CEOS Plenary? -  Directors and managers from all space agencies around the world met in Brisbane this week for the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS) Plenary.  The meeting occurs annually and enables short and long term planning of how billions of $ are directed to designing and operating satellite imaging systems that deliver essential, and technically FREE, environmental information to governments and industry all around the world.

Implementing the Plan

Producing the plan is a huge step, but it is only the start of our communities working more effectively together, and we ask for your continuing engagement and support in this task.  Over the next month we will provide details on how the implementation will begin and multiple options for everyone to contribute.

Implementation of the Plan will occur through five main stages (outlined below); we will advise the community on when these activities will be happening and how to participate through the aeoccg website and email list:

  1. Engaging widely across the EO community.

  2. Linking the AEOCCG to a suitable agency or programme able to work across Government and Industry.

  3. Establishing working groups to progress priority areas of this Plan.

  4. Build the case for and obtain government and external investment for developing and implementing the Plan.

  5. Promoting the Plan, its priority areas, and key actions.